At The Natural Runner our team of fellow runners have been assisting beginners, pros, runners, walkers, roadies and trail freaks to get the most out of their running, since 2014. Our team is equipped with exceptional product knowledge, and being runners themselves can talk from experience.

Our goal is to help educate runners to make better informed decisions when it comes to specialist running shoes, in doing so we hope to contribute to less running related injuries and more runners performing at their personal best. Our runner’s lifestyle is important to us, so we understand how important it is to you and we enjoy supporting you in your effort.

We offer a range of innovative running footwear, apparel and accessories that we keep updated in keeping with trends and new product development. That being said, our advice is always based on the fundamentals of running that remain tried and trusted.


Science proves that 80% of all runners are at risk of run related injuries. To reduce the risk, both pro athletes and novice runners can benefit from having a dynamic running analysis done. The real-time digital analysis captured by running over the bio-mechanical pressure plate, is relayed into bio-mechanical data and along with our expert knowledge of running shoes, it can help narrow down the options of suitable running shoes that might fit your individual running style and bio-mechanical requirements best.

Visit The Natural Runner at our shop in the Centurion Lifestyle Centre and have your dynamic running analysis done before you invest in a new pair of running shoes; it takes only a couple of minutes and it’s well worth the time!