At The Natural Runner our team of fellow runners have been assisting beginners, pros, runners, walkers, roadies and trail freaks to get the most out of their running, since 2014. Our team is equipped with exceptional product knowledge, and being runners themselves can talk from experience.

Our goal is to help educate runners to make better informed decisions when it comes to specialist running shoes, in doing so we hope to contribute to less running related injuries and more runners performing at their personal best.
Our runner’s lifestyle is important to us, so we understand how important it is to you and we enjoy supporting you in your effort.

We offer a range of innovative running footwear, apparel and accessories that we keep updated in keeping with trends and new product development.  That being said our advice is always based on the fundamentals of running that remain tried and trusted.


The feet are the foundation of the body, and most runners are aware of the importance of choosing to wear proper running shoes. When the right shoes are chosen that are a perfect fit for your feet and your running form, the sport of running may be enjoyed to its fullest extent with fever injuries and increased performance.

If you are serious about your running, wearing the right running shoe is essential!


So in order to run faster, run longer, avoid injuries and reduce impact on your body – not only do you need the best possible running shoe for your specific needs, you also need to improve your technique. We are firm believers that running technique is the element that can make or break any athlete or runner, just think about the number of professional athletes that get side-lined by knee, hamstring or ankle injuries.

It’s important to understand the various running techniques!


If you’re into running, you may have heard of something called a gait analysis. A gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle, or in other words, it’s a tool used to assess the way in which you walk and run. We offer dynamic running gait analysis by means of state of the art computer aided technology to capture precision biomechanical information by having an athlete run over the biomechanical plate and scanning the foot digitally during this running analysis.

The information gained, combined with our team’s detailed, up to date product knowledge and years of personal experience, help to identify some of the multitude of variables that need to be considered when selecting the optimal running shoe. It will also assist our team to narrow down the selection of shoes to choose from that would best fit the athlete’s natural running form.

Ultimately the goal is to help athletes run injury free.